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S. D. Ahuja foundation has created a fund which will help few needy students to
pursue a career in Art and support their talent, by providing a scholarship, the
details and guidelines of which are given below.

1) The scholarship is for Final Year Students of an Art College granting Degrees only.

2) 10 Such students will be selected every year.

3) The Scolarship amount is Rs. 3,000 per month, i.e. Rs. 36,000 per annum.

4 ) The Scholarship is for a One year period (12 months) only but may continue for one more year, if the      Foundation finds it worthwhile.

5) The Foundation's decision on selection of the Final Year Students will be final and binding.

6) Selection Process

     a. Only Final Year Students will be allowed to enter the selection process.

     b. Students will have to submit a painting to the Foundation to be selected.

     c. The last date for submission of the painting is 31st March 2013. Paintings will not be                        accepted after this date, under any circumstances.

     d. The submitted painting has to be original.

     e. The submitted painting should not be smaller than 12"x12" or bigger than 36"x 48" and mounted.

     f. The medium of the submitted painting can be oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, pen and ink or              watercolour on canvas, board or paper.

     g. Only paintings will be accepted and not sculpture or other installations.

7) The students who will be selected by the foundation, will have their selected paintings displayed in the Ahuja Museum for Arts for 2 months. The selected paintings will not be returned to the students, but will be kept by the foundation, as part of the foundation's collection. The Students whose paintings are selected will have their details appear in the Ahuja Museum for Arts website.

Please contact Mrs. Suchita Roy Chowdhury at trust@dpahuja.com for details.
Ph: 033 40177100; 033 22819195


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