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Sujit Karmakar

The Current Exhibition has on display works by Sujit Karmakar. Sujit has done Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Visual Art, Khayragarh University. His first solo exhibition was held in Kolkata in the year 2008 at Taj Bengal. Since then, he has participated in numerous shows in Kolkata and other Indian cities. Sujit's works display stark realism on first impression and once the initial impact loosens its hold, one cannot help but notice his well-finished craft. The artist favours large canvases, which strengthen emotions in the compositions. His works portray struggle of the common man that he is familiar with. He also works with innocence lost. He often chooses children as his subject, detailing larger bromide prints with his acrylic-on-canvas work.

Click Here to View Slide Show of Exhibition - October-November 2010

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