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April - May 2010

Born on 8th February, 1963, Ganesh Babu is a self taught artist, residing in Kolkata. His art is influenced by his travels and explorations of Central Indian and tribal rock, cave and prehistoric art and culture. Ganesh's paintings express both the visible and invisible passion and empathy between man and animal in ancient life and culture. According to the artist, an ideal ancient universe consists of a equal balance of nature, animals and humans. One can also see in his works, the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva embodied by human forms, who according to Hindu mythology carry within Brahma, Garuda - the sacred bird of Vishnu and the Ox which symbolises Shiva. In Ganesh's works, the horse, another recurring figure, symbolises the Aryans. Another feature of Ganesh's works are powerful, musical, mesmerizing, eccentric, inter-locking lines. His palette consists of vibrant colours such as Yellow, Green, Vermilion, Red, Burnt Umber, Blue and stone Black. The interplay of form and colours in a unique two-dimensional representation create a exclusive personal style characterizing a Ganesh Basu canvas.

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