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Born in Calcutta in 1954, Shipra Bhattacharya has achieved over the years a solid and steady reputation as an artist, specially since women have appeared at the center of her thematic frame in a couple of series of compulsive images. Marked by well-honed and meticulous execution and at the same time by an unstudied formal naiveté, her canvases have an irresistible visual draw, both for their charming figurative content and fascinating scheme of colours. The finer points of her paintings are definitely her smooth brushwork; figuration of unforced simplicity, of no edgy angular realism or dramatic chiaroscuro; the tonal glows of complementary hues finished on top with a soft sensuous gleam. However, the formal, tonal and technical richness of her canvases is an indispensable part of the discourse she has developed for herself to treat the central focus.

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