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Romero Britto

Romero Britto creates a completely new expression that reflects his optimistic faith in the world around him. Alluding to influences of early and modern masters, Britto pulsating colors, pop themes and commanding compositions have led him to become the premier contemporary Artist of his generation. Romero Britto lived an extremely modest lifestyle while growing up amongst eight brothers and sisters in Recife Brazil. However, his innate creativity allowed Britto to fill his life with vibrant color and images of a beautiful world. His canvas was any scrap of newspaper or cardboard he could find. Britto has an inordinate passion to excel and prospered academically. Still, Britto's artistic nature eventually led him to seek experiences outside the classroom. Romero Britto traveled to Europe in 1983 to examine firsthand the Art of the masters. After exhibiting in a few galleries and private shows, Britto was encouraged to travel to the United States where Pop Art was flourishing. Britto moved to Miami and set up a studio open to the public. With an unshakable resolve and belief in his art, Britto spent the next few years exhibiting and attracting the attention of many. Then, in 1989, Absolut Vodka selected Britto to design an artwork with their famous logo. Britto's participation added his name to a list of Artists, such as Warhol and Haring, also commissioned for the famed vodka campaign. Britto studio in Miami Beach was quickly becoming known as the place for people of all ages and walks of life to meet and acquire a unique style of art. Romero Britto today is represented in galleries and museums across five continents, from Singapore to Dubai, to London and New York. Other recent shows and projects are just as impressive. Romero Britto artwork on canvas have found the spotlight in numerous corporate commissions and noted art collections. Britto sculpture installations are currently across the globe including locales as JFK Airport, NY and Hyde Park,London. His diverse resume also includes several series of postage stamp designs for the United Nations Postal Administration and a postage stamp in Brazil the celebrates the 450th Anniversary of the city of Sao Paulo.

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