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The Current Exhibition has on display works by Gustavo Ortiz and María Ana Furman from Argentina; Romero Britto from Brazil and USA; Melain N'zindou from Congo; Alain Vilaceque, Anne-Catherine Casteres, Cécile Perra, Chantal Roux, Christelle Bauduin,Christine Beaumatin, Christophe Maroquesne, Claudine Loquen, Clodine Colomer, Deuz, Didier Goessens, Elisabeth Germain, Erick Vuillier, Huguette Machado Rico, Isabelle Corcket, Jean Durello, Lau Blou, Odile Escolier, Patrick Lalande, Patrick Rousseau, Perrine Vilmot and SoiseM from France; Sayed Haider Raza from France and India; Monica Zani and Renato Manese from Italy; Huub Ragas and Jan-hein Arens from the Netherlands, Heather Sarin from New Zealand; Alfred Vagsvold from Norway; Farah Jabeen and Ayesha Jatoi from Pakistan; Joan Marie Kelly from Singapore and USA; Tay Bak Koi from Singapore; Paul Ygartua from United Kingdom; and Shu Leu from the USA.

Click Here to View Slide Show of Exhibition - February-March 2011

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