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Ayesha Jatoi

Ayesha Jatoi has a background in Miniature Painting and went on to do a Masters in Visual Arts at the National College of Art in Lahore. She has been dealing dealt with a varied range of sociopolitical concerns in her work. Her practice has begun also to comment on art making itself and often questions the relevance of traditional modes of working today. Her fascination with the illuminated manuscripts in which miniatures paintings appeared is obvious through her use of image, text and diptych format found in her work. Text has started to play a very dominant role in her work of late and frees itself from its conjugal image ever so often. Ayesha Jatoi uses unusual material as well. Heart-shaped stickers with bright red roses embossed on them are ubiquitous in her work. Alluding to the kitschy 'truck art' that can be seen in the subcontinent, Jatoi's stark paintings, with rows of stickers against a monochromatic background, also resemble echt Pop Art, in the manner of Warhol, or stand simply as puzzling abstractions.

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